Hi all, New licencee here. I just finished Chapter 1 of onboarding (all 5 parts, phew!) and I'm currently onboarding a new hire, which is a fortuitous coincidence!

My question is, while I am able to find the shownotes, I am unable to find the onboarding checklist referenced throughout the casts as being available to licencees. It sounds like it was yet to be published.

Being a new licencee, I'm not familiar with the typical publishing interval relative to the podcases. When can we expect to see that checklist



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I just re-listened to part 5 and caught where Mark said that the onboarding template would be available at the end of the next podcast. Please forgive my naiveté.





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Hi, brand new licensee myself, also looking for the onboarding checklist template. I have purchased/downloaded the shownotes, and when I click on the link for the actual template, the next page says it is not available for individual purchase at this time. 

From your follow up post, it looks like it was expected to be available sometime in June... Has it been made available? Or what package is it part of?


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Hi jlinget!

I found it in a cast aptly called "Onboarding Checklist Part 1".

Feedback for the M-T team, it may make sense to add a link to this form on the "Tools-> Downloadable Forms" page, as that was the first place I looked. (or maybe I'm just wired differently).

Regardless, I extended an offer to a new hire in early June (just before this cast originally aired and the checklist was released) and I used it to guide that candidate's onboarding. It was a somewhat complex hire due to a visa transfer and relocation, and having the checklist really helped!

The candidate shared with me that it was the most thorough onboarding he has ever experienced. I work in a highly regulated industry so it took him almost that full month just to read and test out of all required training, but using the checklist the new hire (former candidate) was performing value-added work at the end of day 3, and 1 month in he is virtually 100% effective.

I'm VERY grateful for this tool. It is darn near worth the cost of the membership almost on its own!



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Thank you, spricejr!

I finally located it as well - I wonder if it just had to do with my patience for my license to kick in... I had *just* purchased a personal license and was so eager to access the checklist!

I'm a first-time and new director at a library (still in my first year!) with my third new hire in general (second external/outside the organization), and this tool is creating SUCH a peace of mind as we've been finalizing details before their arrival on Monday. I am sharing it with my management team to help us identify and fill gaps in our hiring processes. 

This checklist is DEFINITELY worth the price of admission! I also look forward to exploring the RoadMap app and tool.