I need some advise. I recently took on a team that was underperforming and swamped with work and a large backlog of work. It took 3 months to get the backlog taken care of but we have made improvements. Now that we have that done I find my self struggling with getting my team to meet deadlines that I feel are fairly reasonable. I've asked my team for feedback on how we can get these accomplished in the given time lines. What I get is a shrug and a "I don't know." 

I've tried calendar reminders and check ins and - nothing. I get "I don't know - I'm busy." So then I did time analysis to see how I could better distribute tasks across the team to make things more even.I asked them to each provide how long each task takes along with frequency. I put together an analysis for each and got "Well that isn't accurate - I have more work then that." That was the response with data they provided. 

I feel like I'm asking for feedbak and trying new things to no success. Does any one have any advise? 

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You might consider having your team plan their work so that each member has a deliverable every day and have them report to the team each morning. In addition, it is often advantageous to have a work burn down sheet that the team updates every day based on their daily deliverables.