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In the interest of reducing email volume, when should you CC your boss on an email?
I've had staff who email way too mush. I've also had employees who use it to show deliverables are done (which is great). Showing accomplishments (especially of directs/skips) is especially helpful for me. Should I CC my boss when I am pushing a new initiative with my staff - asking them to do something? What about CC'ing her on a project status? When I get a status email, I skim them very quickly - but I do appreciate them so long as brevity rules.
In part my questions is: What content to my peer/direct/other is worth showing to my boss?

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In the medium of ccing them on the email I would say "almost never do this". Note it and cover it an a O3. If you don't have O3s send a summary digest weekly. CCing your boss on an initiative you have with your staff puts a burden on the boss to understand the context for why they are reading this email, which will usually be hard to do and time consuming.

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I agree with gehrhorn

Suggest that you provide only a highly summarised version of what you have done to your boss.  If it can wait until your O3, then wait.  If it is more urgent, then a separate note or call just to your boss is more appropriate.

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