Hi to all of you,

I'm a big fan of carrer and manager tools podcasts and they helped me alot the last few month.
But now we are facing a little problem.
My wife wants to start working again after 10 years in which she was taking care if our children.
Her problem, sadly she couldn't finish any of her graduation.

Every time when the end was near something happened that interrupted it,
from the divorce of her parents, birth of our children, illnes, my carrer to the loss of her parents.
She now turned 40 and is very highly skilled in psychology and coaching, english and german language, math,
details and IT ( Internet scurity) but can't show it on paper.
All she got is 10 years in an electronic company where she became a "foreman" after 2 years in the age of 21.
She also started her own company to do little IT projects, but so far the only thing she did, is to sort out an define a customer databank
for a company with about 1000 customers.
The good thing is, as soon as she has the chance to talk with HR directly she can win nearly everyone over and people see her potential.

She got two references left, two people who can vouch for her very highly. Is that enough?

First of all we get the resume workbook to know the basics, but what to put in?
We are from germany and she is applying for a job at a american software game company for the job of german editor of the homepage and gameplay.
They want a resume and a written text that is related to the job, that's good.

We don't know what is important in an US resume or interview.
Can the resume workbook and interview series provide everything she needs to know, even when she is a reader,
not a listener and don't has any graduation?

Thank you.
Best regards,

P.S. I'm sorry if my english is a little bit rusty, I rarely write in english mostly listen and speak.