In addition to Manager-Tools, what other podcasts are you finding valuable? Not so much entertainment, but professional… about management, business, news, technology, economics, or something else.

To get things rolling, I’ll recommend Jon Udell’s podcasts; full list of them at and


PS: This seemed like the right forum for this conversation, although it's not strictly about books...

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I can group the podcasts I find useful into two groups: job-specific and general. I work in PR/communciations, so my job-specific ones are in that field.

- Inside PR (
- For Immediate Release (

General (aside from MT, of course):
- A variety of Business Week podcasts (Cover stories, innovation of the week, climbing the ladder, the Welch Report) -- like M&M, I find the magazine can be hit and miss, so I often use these (cover story in particular) to decide whether to buy issues
- HBR Ideacast
- The Economist (again, I use these to decide whether to buy issues of the magazine)

I listen to a few others too, but I find those to be the most useful.

Hope this helps!


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In between my weekly fix of MT, I'm catching up with The Cranky Middle Manager. I'm nearly caught up so I'm looking forward to this thread for some ideas.

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Here are the management related podcasts I listen to in addition to MT.
David Maister
The Welch Way
Business Week - Climbing the ladder


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Harvard Business Review (HBR) has some interesting Podcasts on various topics usually with a guest (from a recording stand point is one of the best).

Lisa Haneberg has a pretty nice blog relating to business and often has podcast interviews with others (mostly authors). Link at

I agree that Wayne Turmel "The Cranky Middle Manager" is pretty entertaining as well.


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Thanks to each of you, this is a great set!

And, I just found an earlier thread on this topic so thought I'd add a link to it:


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Hello, I am looking for podcasts on actual management (how to: strategy, profitability, finance, investment etc) and I wonder what MT themselves would recommend?  


MT fan

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The "Stanford Entrepreneurial Though Leader Seminar" podcast:

Falk Bruegmann