I'm a line supervisor even though my title is "Manager." My directs comprise desktop publishers, the assistant manager, the technical librarian, and a temporary copy clerk.

I'm at a loss what to coach them on. The examples in the coaching podcasts seem to apply more to people higher up the chain. I'm sure it's just a failure of imagination on my part, but if they are competent at the technical aspects of their jobs, what do I coach them on?

O3s seem a little thin without some kind of coaching to do... :? I actually got some pushback from one DR. She said, "If these meetings aren't going to accomplish anything, I'd rather not do them." :shock:

My reply was, "What would you like to accomplish? Because this isn't optional." I talked about it being a communication venue etc. But I do feel a little self-conscious about only doing 2/3 of the O3 model.

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Their coaching topic should be where they need improvement. Think beyond their current job and into more business related topics like interpersonal skills, time management or management techniques like feedback and delegation.

Depsite the benefits of keeping directs forever, I don't want to. They need to grow and move on to other things, that is the natural order.

Remember that you don't have to provide the coaching directly. You can use the O3 time to review the coaching status, where they are with it, what they've learned.


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Believe it or not, I'd take your direct's comment as a good sign. She wants to accomplish something. She feels safe delivering this kind of feedback to you. So, good job so far.

Try comparing each direct to the other directs. Odds are that each of them has strengths and weaknesses. When you find one of their weaknesses, that's something they can improve.

Or, catalog their strengths. Rank them. Grab one from the bottom of the list and work on it.

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What are their career aspirations? Can you coach them on the things that will get them to the next level?


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I'll add to that - find out where THEY want to go, then you can develop some steps to get there - skills they need, experience they need, etc. That will help with the development piece.

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Thanks for the quick responses! That gives me some things to brainstorm on.

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IDEA 1: Have the direct to identify his/her STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Discuss the findings during the O3. Have THEM select ONE weakness. Coach using this weakness.

IDEA 2: Have the direct take the DISC. Discuss his/her profile compared to another direct with a different DISC profile. Coach on how to better accommodate people with other profiles.

I am not a manager and, my perception is, I am not good with people. I developed the above when thinking how I would do O3's with my peers if I was their manager.

Let us know how the employee responds. We're rooting for you Terri!


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Hmm, what about pulling out their last review and coaching on whatever they scored lowest on?