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Does anyone have any suggestions on what behavioral question to ask a candidate when a key success factor for the role is one's ability to follow up?

I have a role that needs to be filled which requires the candidate to have a great ability to follow up. The role is a purchasing role and the candidate will be required to stay on top of open orders and ensure suppliers are sticking to their agreements and informing their manager when issues, delays, etc. occur.

Thanks in advance



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How about:

"Tell me how you ensure all open items are followed up through to closure..."


"Give me an example of a time when you had to follow-up on a critical item"


"Talk me through how you organize open items that need to be followed up on"


"Talk me through an example where you had an item to follow-up on that got delayed (with follow-up question - tell me about the steps you took when faced with the delay (e.g. escalation, communication etc.))"


'How do you prioritize open items that need to be followed up on?"

I think there are a number of ways to get at this success factor - the above are just some examples to start with.  Think about what you want to hear when you ask the question (e.g. organization, proactiveness, communication, decision making / prioritization etc. etc. ) and have a number of follow-up questions ready to get to underlying behaviors and real examples from the candidate...


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Wow, I just logged in to ask the same kind of question.... 

Thanks so much! 

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Hi Geoff,


Thank you for your response, we will implement these immediately.