I have my first one on one with the GM (3 levels up) because my Associate Director and Director have left 6 months ago and this month respectively.


I am a Senior Project Engineer. 


Here are the questions I am considering:


How do you want projects to run? Besides results, what is important to you? 
What value do you place on:
     Professionalism (turning off cell phone before a meeting, showing up on time when possible (not OBE))
Do you have a Commander's Intent? In order to make decisions without your detailed input.
How do you define a successful project? On time and on budget means what wrt changing scope and OBE.
What plans do you have for Engineering with respect to:
     "Professional Development" to be able to promote from within.
     Drawing system/standardization
     Medium and Long Term Goals for Director
     Medium and Long Term Goals for Associate Director