My boss just asked me to put together a "job well done" letter for one of my directs, as a consequence of an email sent to both of us praising the direct. :D

Of course I can dream up something, but I've never actually seen such an animal. I'm assuming the idea is to give it to him and put it in his employee file. Anyone have any tips?


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When I do things like this, I try to keep it relevant to what the job well done was. Since you received an email, I would include as much of that information as possible. Maybe just a few paragraphs:

I believe it's important to recognize when people go above and beyond to accomplish our goals. In working with project X, I know that you've done this, that, and the other thing. Person A wrote the following about your performance in this area:

"Quote relevant email bits here."

Thank you for continually providing our customers and our company with exemplary service.

Personally, I don't do written letters. In our customer service environment, I write an email or use the customer's email/letter itself. Nice foil-bordered certificate paper is not expensive. Nice heavy presentations folders for them are equally inexpensive. I print a Certificate of Appreciation with a small blip about the task they excelled at, and place it in the binder (with a copy of the customer letter behind it so they have that specifically). I keep a copy of the original customer letter in with the reward/recognition section of the employee's binder.

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I usually prefer to receive (and send) the actual original email (snipped of whatever needs to be snipped) forwarded with a note. That can be printed and put into a file just as easily as a formal note.

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Would the M-T "Thank You" note format work here?

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To clarify: my boss said "write a letter we can both sign," so I'm gonna write a letter we can both sign. I don't see any percentage in arguing with him over format. :wink:

I really just wanted tips about the content, so thanks, Julia!

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Glad to help, Terri! Let us know how it goes.