Hello! My name is Kyle and I am new to manager-tools after my current boss recommended I take a look after I had questions about a report. I have bought into the program with my own money and am even listening to the "Effective Manager" audio book. I am finding it extremely helpful. I have only been a manager for about a year and pretty much landed into the role with not a lot of mentoring. The manager who hired me got promoted to another position and he was a very good role model for me. I still talk to him from time to time about things going on. 

Enought about is why I am writing this post. I have a group of 12 direct reports and will soon be 14-15 within the year due to a site expansion. I work shift work with my group and we only work 3-4 days a week with 12 hour shifts. I am currently on a monthly one-on-one cycle with my team and currently find that situation hard to stick with due to the schedule and time. A weekly cadence seems almost impossible!! I can also not delegate certain tasks to my reports due to permissions on certain systems. In a 3-day work week there is no possible way I can fit 12 report meetings while maintaining our daily goals. 

If I am looking at this wrong I would love to hear about my options.