Hi Mark,

After listening to your podcasts on How to Handle Recruiters about two months ago, I purchased Lucht's book, "Rites of Passage...". Also recently, I joined Lucht's membership as I will be changing positions in the near future and thought this was an opportunity to engage in productive job searches.

Well, as a result and as luck would have it, I was contacted by a retained recruiter, William Sur of ConboySur & Associates. After a couple of phone conversations we have scheduled a videoconference interview this Thursday. I would be interested to know if you have any feedback about how I can best put myself forth inthis venue.

Also, would you have any feedback about ConboySur & Associates?


Jim C

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This is the topic of an upcoming cast, so I won't steal our thunder, yet try to help you out.

- It's an interview with a few special rules, that's all.

- Wear a suit. A WHOLE suit.

- No striped clothing at all. They sometimes create something called a moire (or moire pattern.)

- Be early. Assume there will be technical difficulties, and DO NOT LET THEM FLUSTER YOU.

- Look at the camera and not at the screen! This is my personal pet peeve. It's annoying.

- BUT, you're not talking to a CAMERA... you're talking to other people. Normal gestures and facial expressions, please.

- You can't "show" anything on the conference. It's an interview, not a presentation. NO VISUALS.

- You are ALWAYS ON. Be vigilant.

- Practice. Videotape yourself with a friend interviewing you to see how you gesture and connect with the other person. You, too, have quirks (as do I).

Knock em dead!


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I don't know that firm. Sorry... but I just don't know any of them very well. There are so many... I only know a few recruiters, versus firms.