Is there a standalone database for tracking employee vacation time?


I track vacation time via Outlook, and that works OK, there must be a better way.

I would like a stand-alone database that allows users to have permissions, specific to their role in the Company. Is there such a program?


KJ Karsten

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There are several options for tracking employee time. These vary in cost, depending on size, complexity of the company, and feature selection. The number of employees is typically one key factor. Some solutions are independent of Outlook. Others can integrate with it. 

My suggestion is to identify your specific needs, wants and budget, and then check out your options online. Most of them have free trials that allow you to check out functionality and gain a better understanding of the features available and/or necessary for your application. 

Here is one example. Tsheets is created by QuickBooks, and they do offer a free trial. They also integrate with Outlook. We have not used this company.

Here is another example. VCS is far more complex and has applications for the assignment of specific posts and roles, as well as the ability to accrue leave amounts and export payroll information. Obviously, this increases costs, and I realize it may exceed the scope of what you need, but looking at their software may offer insight into the features available and those you would like to see. Personally, we have used this company for many years (and I happen to be the system admin for hte software at our company), but our scheduling needs are quite complex.

Good luck!