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I'm heading off on vacation in a few weeks and I always take time to catch up on my business / management / leadership reading while sitting on the beach. Any recommendations on recently released books that are worth the investment? Any recommendations are welcome. 

I recently was put into a role integrating products into our supply chain that are being developed by our Chinese partners. I would be interested in any books on how to do business in China or work with Chinese teams.

Thank you, Kent Allen

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Management by Drucker.  I mean, c'mon.

The Org.  pretty good for history.

What the Chinese Want.  Not about teams, but still good.

The Elephant and the Dragon.  China and India.  Good.

Playing to Win.  Lafley on Strategy.  Good.

To Sell is Human.  Dan Pink. A little light, but I think a solid reminder.


That should be plenty. ;-) 

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Thank you for the list! That should cover me for the week (and them some).

Also, in typical Management Tools fashion, I tried your SOCCR model and it worked great! Duh. In fact, a couple people stopped by after the briefing to ask where did I learn about that model and I pointed them to your podcasts."In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." Thank you again for being there for us managers in the trenches.

Best regards, Kent Allen

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Thank you for the input. I'll add it to my list.

Best regards, Kent Allen

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Glad the list and SOCCR helped.



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I can't believe Mark missed this...  If you haven't read it yet I'd add The Effective Executive to your list.  If you've been listening to MT for a while it is a great read to summarize the underlying theories of many of the casts.  Even though it was originally written in the 60's (and the language reinforces that) its amazing how timeless Drucker's thinking/writing was and how well he saw the future.

Steve Simmons

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Thank you for the idea, but being a true MT listener I read that one years ago. In fact I find myself referring back to it at least once a month.