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 I like the 2007 PDF version of Horstman's Laws, but I seem to recall a 9th Law being added, as well as there being a Horstman's Corollary to Parkinson's Law. Those, plus the Horstman Curve (and the McGuire's Hump thereon) neatly drawn up as the first eight laws would be a welcome addition to my study at home and my cubic-hell at work. I can print them off on nice paper myself; any chance of an update being produced?


Scott Delinger

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I think they used to be handout at the conferences - obviously not anymore since I didn't get one at the conference in Sydney. However, It'd be really nice to have the updated and revised version in a PDF!

And for readers' convenience, the existing ones are at:

I'd perhaps also like to see something about the Wendii curve - that differences in individuals are MUCH greater than differences based on class (race, nationality, sex etc etc)

-- Peter

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There's a set of Horstman's Laws of Interviewing, as well.

Scott Delinger

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