In a few weeks my co-workers and I will be participating in a coaching session that was initiated by our COO and HR Director. We have all met with the 'coach' in one on ones and this will be our 'group' session.
I am a little apprehensive about this as there are some underlying issues that brought this training on.
I work with two other supervisors and a manager all of whom have conspired to drive me out of the department. I have been falsely accused of threatening another supervisor and creating a hostile work environment. When I have talked to the manager about this he has said that I need to be thicker skinned.
He has been the orchestrator of the environment in the department and he has coluded with the two supervisors to strip me of all my responsibilities.
This guy has proceeded to effectivley ruin my career over the course of the last 10 months. The Senior VP is unwilling to step in and do anything about him because he is the person who hired him back after he left the company for a few years.
I do not want this coaching session to turn into a free for all with me defending myself against all of them. What kind of advice can you give me in this circumstance?


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Activate your network and resign in a professional way. If in fact you are surrounded by the kind of corrupt activity you describe and are being targeted through no fault of your own, move on.

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I am currently interviewing for other opportunities. Unfortunately my field is one where there isn't another company down the street so I am faced with either relocating my family or a long commute should I take a position elsewhere.
I have learned so much from these forums and the Podcasts, Mike and Mark have provided a great service to all of us. In this instance, I thought there may be others who have been faced with this predicament who could give me some insight as to what to expect.

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Dave - I haven't exactly been in your position but I was in a position where my boss, new to the company, took a dislike to me for reasons that I've not completely figured out. He gave me a very poor review, after I had an excellent review from my previous manager, and then put me on an improvement plan which was unachievable yet he was able to convince HR (who has to review all plans) that it was. I obviously failed but by that time we had yet another reorg and I was in a new position with a new manager who recognized that I had been setup and he supported me.

At all times I tried to be myself, to remain as positive as I could, and to remain rational and calm. When I talked to my manager about his issues with me I always tried to be respectful and seek his coaching and guideance - something he was not able to do as he would say "you should know what to do".

Right now we've had yet another reorg and my position was eliminated so for the 3rd time in 2.5 years I've been given an opportunity to find a new position and I'm looking both inside and outside right now. I would like to stay with the company I'm at but I'm also open to leaving. I've learned that you should always keep your options open and as MT recommends you should keep your resume updated and develop a relationship with one or more recruiters.

hope this helps

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Thanks for the post Lionel. I have a long history with this guy, over 20 years. He has always been an egomaniacal narcissist but has really made me his focus over the last few years and specifically over the last 10 months. I guess my frustration lies in that this guy is despised throughout the company and is a laughing stock in the industry yet no one will step forward and deal with him.
I really enjoy the company, I have been here 21 years, but I have resigned myself to looking for other opportunities as I just can't take this much longer.