I applied to this recruiting firm just yesterday and I was surprised to receive a response from them this morning. The recruiter expressed her interest in meeting up, but the odd part is she gave her personal address instead of the company's location and she wants the "meeting" to take place at 9 in the morning. Before applying to the job, I researched the firm's HR Coordinator so that I could address my email to the right person and I was successful on that. I just don't understand why she wants to meet at her place.

What should I do? How should I respond? The company has a credible reputation so I doubt that this is a scam. I just don't know how to formally ask the recruiter thru email why we're having the interview at her place.

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Is it possible the recruiter works from home and doesn't often go into the corporate HQ?  Are you certain it is her place of residence & not a satelite office in a residential area?

Are you applying to work for the recruiting firm or are you applying for a job that you have to go through this recruiter?  It sounds like the former to me.

As far as the location goes, I would e-mail back to confirm the address "because it appears to be a residence".  I was once sent by a medical clinic to a surgeon's home.  Turned out, they screwed up & I had 10 minutes in rush hour traffic to make a 30 minute journey.  Fortunately, the surgeon's secretary found my plight amusing & held the appointment for me, even going so far as to let me go in to see the doctor the minute I got there.

But, I digress....

My point is, ask.  You don't want to go to "Meadow Woods" and find out you should have been on Academy Road.