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Hello, MT Team.

I'm a subscriber unable to find the new Executive Tools podcast on iTunes.(I do have access to all other podcasts.)

Could you please advice?

Thank you,


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Hey Carlos, I can actually help you here! It's not publicly available since it's subscriber only, so (assuming you're a subscriber) you have to click on "My Account" > Personalized RSS feeds


There you'll find the URL and instructions on how to set it up's picture
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Thanks, Matt.

That was perfect.

I´ve been a subscriber for so long, I had forgotten that I had to get the personalized RSS feed form the MT Web, and then paste it in iTunes.

Much appreciated.


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I to had forgotten about how to set this up. Thank for asking & responding to the question. 

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I manually downloaded the files from the page below before reading this thread.  If someone from the MT team could add a note about personalized feeds to this page it would be very helpful for new licensees.