For those of us in the UK. There is a great company still hiring. The Civil Service (parts thereof) are quite poor about advertising some amazing jobs. I saw the writing on the wall and jumped some time ago. I have been in several 'interesting' locations and currently assisting in the withdrawal from somewhere we really shouldn't have been in the first place  'allegedly'.

Over 45 and the pension contribution makes the overall package extremely attractive (better than previous package as a Director).

Anyone fancies information please PM me. I won't know all the answers but am willing to do some digging.

Happy to be giving back to the country that has served me so well in my youth.


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I'm planning on moving to the UK next year.  My wife is British and I'm from the US.  I've got experience working for the government (US military).  I'm afraid many of the civil service jobs may require citizenship.  Is that true?

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You can apply for any job in the Civil Service as long as you're a UK national, or have dual nationality (one of which is British). As a European Economic Area national, EU national or Commonwealth citizen, you're eligible for about 75% of our jobs, but most Fast Stream candidates must be UK nationals.