I was very nervous going into feedback, much like Mark and Mikes rollout podcast suggested I got a bit of pushback and created some nervousness in the team regarding the hammer about to drop.

I've been giving nothing but positive feedback for the past two weeks and will be starting week three with three chips in my pocket.  My directs seem to be taking it well and those that aren't yet getting feedback seem to be communicating ongoing work more than they were, presumably to receive some too.

one of the biggest upshot's that started happening over the past two weeks is I have become more in tune with the positives going on with the team, I am noticing effective behaviours and am better communicating about the small wins.

The rollout plan is spot on so far, I highly recommend it and for those worried or not yet on the feedback bandwagon.  Get going folks, the waters warm.

I am hoping I can get approval to attend the London conference so I can better practice the tools and hear the experiences of others.

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Love this!! I wish you continued success with Feedback!