I have been working my way through all the resume podcasts and other related materials and attempting to apply the information to my personal situation. I would appreciate any guidance on how to handle my current job role(s) on my resume. 

Currently, I am working in a very niche communications role for the US Coast Guard (civilian not military) with very little vertical or lateral advancement and have been working on retraining to a new career. I will be completing my undergrad in IT Web Systems Development in March '15 and will be looking to get into an IT developmental program that will allow me to "catch-up" with my IT career. These programs will hire me on at an apprentice level and then quickly scale me through the responsibilities to a full level DBA. The question I had was in my current job, I also have responsibilities as an internal IT, but they are not part of my primary duties. In the podcasts, it was mentioned to not include those “additional duties” in the resume, since they are temporary and not part of my primary roles. However, in my situation, I spend quite a bit of time on those separate roles (about 15% of time) and those additional duties have yielded some valuable accomplishments for my resume when moving on with my intended career path. How do I incorporate those into my resume without infringing the responsibilities / accomplishments for my primary role? Do I put in a parallel job with the applicable dates or try and meld it into the duties of my primary role? 

To be clear my primary role is communicating over a VHF radio to shipping traffic in New York Harbor and supervisoring 3-4 operators and the additional roles is purely database development and general IT stuff. So they are not even closely related, but important enough to mention in a resume.  

Thank you advance,