So I am new to here but looking to share some of my experiences throughout management and get some feedback so I may post in here once in a while.

I have a worker who doesn't seem to grasp tome management or understand the general ethics of working in a team. 

He turns into work late every day. He is he type of person to stay above and beyond his finishing time to finish work if needed though so I do not mind too much about the lateness. But there has been times in the past where he has turned in late and lied about it and got found out and dug holes for himself. Furthermore there has been times where he hasn't come into work and been unreachable for 2/3 days. This he got a written warning for but he didn't even seem to be bothered by the punishment.

He is a hard worker for 90% of the time and i'd like to consider myself to be a laid back boss so don't want to go too far but I think I need to approach him in a different way for things to change going forward.

Sunday he sent me an email at 10pm at night saying he would like to stay at home Monday because it was an emergency. I didn't reply due to the time and he didn't turn in anyway. When asking him why on the Tuesday he said it was personal.

I'm interested to hear others thoughts.