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This isn't a question about podcasting, but it is about technology. Since there is so much tech-knowledge in this community, I hope someone can help me. :)

I have a Treo 680. My work email is through Lotus Notes. When I set up my Treo to sync with LN and get email, it stops syncing with my Palm calendar, tasks and contacts. My IT dept's response is to use the LN calendar, tasks and contacts. I would really (REALLY!) rather not! I love my Palm software, plus it (and all it's contents) belong to me and not the company.

Any advice? Is it possible to get my LN email but still have everything else sync with the Palm software?

Thanks for any help!

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You don't say which software you are using for the LN sync but the one's that I've tried all had the ability to select what to sync (calendar, todo, contacts, mail). There should be a settings/configuration on the Treo for your sync software that you can tweak.

If you can't find it the next step I would take is to contact the vendor support for the sync product.

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Hi Dani

At my last job, we had LN and I was one of the few in the company with a palm. They had to acquire a third party software for me. I also had a real challenge keeping the info I owned (my private appointments, contact list, special software) from getting sucked onto the corporate servers. This also resulted in my having hundreds of duplicate entries. And then I could not synch with my home PC anymore.

In the end, I decided I needed to keep a buffer between home and work life and simply entered my corporate appointments etc by hand and simply synched at home with outlook. Maybe the newer systems are better and let you manage those issues.

As you can see from this thread, it SEEMS to be achievable :)

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Thank you for the help!