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I'm moving up from managing a small team managing that team plus another one and a few more individual contributors. Any general advice for those who have made similar transitions, things to avoid, lessons learned, etc?

Right now I'm feeling pretty good and well prepared, but I also feel like I don't know what I don't know here.

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I noticed no one has responded to your question. It interested me, because I was considering a similar transition. Perhaps someone else can learn from your experience?

How is the new role working out? Any general advice, things to avoid, or lessons learned? I know it’s a bit early to decide this, but were you as prepared as you felt?




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Hi John, 

Congratulations on your new role! I'm sure that your new colleagues will have helped you fit in! If there is anything you feel you really don't know, it's never too late to learn. Does your new team have any learning and development plans? You could always suggest that they allow you to study online. I studied at and found every tutor really helpful!