I Have recently been promoted to a General Manager position in a restaurant I work at. When offered the position I told them that I would likely be moving away in about 6 months, and I'm afraid to take the position because it might ruin my chances to transfer within the company if I take this position now. They said they would still like me to take the job. I have recently learned that I will need to move in 4 months because my girlfriend is transfering schools. I would reall love to stay in the business and transfer to another store near where I move. What should I do. How do I bring this to their attention with out looking too bad. Also what are my chances. I live in northern CA now and I would be moving to S. Ca I have been with the same place for 8 years and have been a manager for 4 years, and now a GM. I love the company and would like to stay with the company. Please help

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They were OK when you said you would move in 6 months, right?

I would explain to your boss that your situation has changed, and see what your options are. I would consider staying for 6 months, and living apart from your girlfriend for 2 months.

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I don't understand why you think it will make you look bad.

And, I generally stay away from guidance regarding non-spousal relationships affecting work.