Firstly, let me say that I am seriously impressed with the Manager Tools Podcasts that I have been listening to over the past months. I was introduced to them by a colleague of mine at work, and I began implementing many of the tools from that first cast. I now do regular OOOs with my team (which looses me just under a day a week), but, combining it with your casts on Time, Email and Delegation, I am actually getting more of the right stuff done. Thank you.

Secondly, to my reason for posting this new topic. I have attended many courses on management and various other soft and hard skills items over the years, but none come close to what I have been picking up from the podcasts, in terms of usefulness.

It occurs to me that much of the Manager Tools content in the Podcasts could translate usefully to a classroom/ discussion format. E.g. the time management work, actually doing it in a 'safe' environment, with firm after class actions and follow up for when you return to the office.

Have you any plans to move Manager Tools beyond podcasts?

What is the opinion of the forum members - would some of these casts and format work in a training environment?

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Yes, we do.

First, understand that all of the content we share with you comes from my work with clients over the past 15+ years. It was around long before podcasting.

Second, we teach this stuff to corporate clients right now. I travel to Manager Tools clients almost every week, it seems.

Finally, Mike and I are exploring hosting a two day Manager Tools Management 101 course somewhere in the states next year. We'll probably limit to 100 attendees, and will keep it priced below what, say, the American Management Association charges. I think we'll be below market... because the market's inflated if you ask me, and we like making our stuff accessible. Many folks have said they could get corporate training approval for such a session.

Hope this helps!


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You idea of a 2-day MT 101 session is great. Feedback, Delegation, Coaching, 1-on-1s, Communications, and a few goodies (e-mail, handshakes, meals, dealing with your boss maybe). That would be a tremendous benefit.

I have gone to AMA sessions and been to a week-long facilitated leadership training course. They were valuable and I use the strategic planning and change management things I learned. But 75% of what I need on a day-to-day basis has been clarified and sharpened by what I've learned from these podcasts. These tools are so practical, and that's the key. They are simple and robust. I'd be pounding on HR to send my people to MT101 if it was available.