Looking for a podcast suggstion here on Manager Tools for the following (all together or individually):

New Role - Goals and Work Load


Training Improvement

Poor Performance

When to Schedule Work Questions with my Manager



- I was looking for a cast similar to "Underqualified in a New Job" 


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Follow up. Civil Engineer in new job (3 months). Jumped up one position/role in responsibility which basically just means a bigger workload and bigger projects. Quasi-Team of One (no directs, one lateral employee) and I work with consultants (no issues).

Underqualified in experience, knowledge, and ability to do-perform-submit work.
I am working to improve my attitude, focus, and work attendance. 

No weekly one-on-one meetings with manager, it is difficult to find times to meet with the manager (small team, lots of work). Lack of guidence for how to perform work duties. Almost zero micromanagement. 

Lacking technical skills with CAD, Civil Design, Road Design, Storm Water Design, Utility Design, and Permits. 

Working in Government.

Projects are over budget, behind schedule, and I have not improved project milestones in 3 months.

In my opinion, my biggest area of lacking skills is how to plan each day to learn/research, and then transition to design work (job performance), and submitting work for review on a daily basis.

Reflecting (my poor attitude), I wish I knew how many extra hours are reasonable to train up my skills for my new job. Also, which skills are most critical: software, job knowledge, or attitutude/performance improvements.