Hi all,


I've got a topgrading interview coming up - it looks like the CIDS part is several hours long.  Has anyone been through one of these?  Are they really that lengthy?


Thankfully I've listened to the interview series and I can see how Mike and Mark's guidance on preparing for behavioral questions will slot into this interview sooo well.  


Any other tips I might need to bare in mind?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi, Peter. I'm preparing for an abbreviated Topgrading interview, at the moment. An internal contact at the interviewing company sent me the below topics to prepare, for each of my last three positions. I also found this online sample of questions.

I hope this helps the next person asking this question, as I'm sure you've moved on to better things!

What were you hired to do?
What was your proudest achievement?
What was the worst/hardest/most challenging part?
Knowing what you know now, what would you differently?
Who was your manager?
What would they say was your biggest strength?
What would they say was your biggest opportunity for growth?
Why did you leave?
Incidentally, the philosophy behind Topgrading, judging from Wikipedia, doesn't seem to comport well with that of M-T. I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this.
"Topgrading methodology assumes that the standard interview process can be and is often plagued by dishonesty from job candidates. Resumes are often faked and interviews can be manipulated to make unqualified candidates seem appropriate for the position."