Hello Manager Tools Community,

Could you help me with something please?

BLUF: Would anyone else find it useful to have an iPhone or iPad app to help keep a meeting on time to the set agenda?

My previous job was facilitating a couple of monthly meetings for the board or directors and keeping track of actions, financial position, status of innovation projects etc as decisions flowed around the business from meeting to meeting. What struck me was 1. how even senior leaders of the business are not good at keeping themselves to time or even using a facilitator very well initially and 2. at the time I would have really liked to have something that helped me keep the agenda on track - even when just facilitating (as sometimes I was also participating in the meetings) as using my watch and a printed agenda (to take notes) was still mentally taxing to keep track of should one item over-run etc.

I looked online for something that would help either on the web, for PC or a mobile app but could not find anything that did the trick. Does anyone else use anything already for this purpose?

If there is nothing else on the market suitable, as I am now involved in an IT project at work, I am thinking of creating my own. Would anyone find this useful, and useful enough to pay for an app? I am not sure of the market size to offset the development costs and I am guessing that anyone on this forum is already pretty good at running meetings ;-) but thought this community would be the most knowledgable.

Thanks in advance for your help,