Wondering if anyone has any comments or suggestions about how to reduce the number of levels of management w/in an organization.  I am in the military and it is common to have an E-6 manage E-4s and E-5s. Then E-7s manage the E-6s, E-8s mange the E-7s, Warrant Officers manage the E-8s, Lieutenants manage the Warrants, and the XO manages the Warrants....this creates 6 levels of bureaucracy between the junior personnel and the Commanding Officer.  This is difficult to control, because everyone wants to manage and lead people, and you want to give them this opportunity to ensure they can be successful at the next level.  I recognize the many problems this creates, but have not found a creative way to get around it. 

How is it in your organization?  Do you have the same issues? What is the good and the bad?