Just a word to thank Mike? for today's newsletter.  The past year has been a hurricane of personal issues that have put me close to the breaking point.  My work has been on autopilot for some time and the guilt I feel is excruciating.  Your words are a comfort as I consider both Mike and Mark to be models for what I strive to be as a manager.


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 I liked it too, but wonder if it was written by Wendii. The reason I think that is because it says parents visited from England, and she's the one I thought that had the UK heritage.

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She writes our newsletters. Doesn't she do a great job! :-)


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Wendii does do a great job with those weekly newsletters!  I look forward to getting them every week.  I regularly feel grateful about how much value the MT guys supply every week... for free!

I have a suggestion for either the weekly newsletter or T.I.T.I.T - how about a few links at the bottom to articles for further management reading (or just keeping abreast of management trends/thinking).  Not necessarily because of a MT endorsement on the content of those off-site articles, but just as a general "here's what people are saying in the field of management these days".

I subscribe to a daily newsletter called MediaReDEFined (website example can be found here: ) which basically just redirects people to topical articles on new media.  It is truly excellent - I read a lot, but there is always something on his links list that I've missed).  I think MT could easily do something similar for management without a huge effort.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.  Maybe it exists elsewhere all ready but I haven't found it.