Recommendations on attending TM w/ a DR.   Good idea or bad idea?

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I'd attend one, if the request is from then, then maybe another in 3-6 months, if they ask, to gauge progress.  They need to find their own voice.  (I'm assuming its someone that needs improvement).

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Are you asking about attending one session as a guest of a DR who is a member? If so, sure. Go for it. Or are you asking about participating in the same club as your direct where you both would be members? There's nothing wrong with that. In many smaller communities co-workers belong to the same club. Many of the TM clubs are corporate clubs where employees from multiple levels participate together.

You just leave your title and reporting relationship at the door when you walk in. While participating in the meeting, you're both on the same level as TMs. This could also be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you.

I've been a Toastmaster since 2005. I highly recommend it. Not only will you improve your speaking, you may also wind up improving your leadership skills if you serve as an officer. You'll also increase your learning on a variety of topics and many times you'll hear speeches that really motivate you. Whether as part of a corporate club or a public club, it's also another great place to network.

Visit to find a club that fits into your schedule.


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Sorry, my inital post was too succinct.   More explanation:  after the recent podcast on Toastmasters, I mentioned  TM in conversation with a DR and asked if she was familiar with it and if it was something she would consider.      Recently she found a group and joined up and reported back to me on it.    We discussed my attending the same group to strengthen my leadership/presentation skills as well.   She is ok with that.   And I am too.   Had a candid conversation of pros and cons.  She and I have a very good relationship already.  I thought it would be fine but. . . .  I am not trained as a manager.  It has been OJT.  No mentor found.  So I decided I would find my own through books and the internet.  Delighted when I found Manager Tools.  It is such a help!   I am responsible for 17 DR.  I want to get it right and do an excellent job.    I sure appreciate your input.     



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I'd do it in a second.  Why not MODEL what you want from your directs?

This whole thing of "I don't want them to see not being good" is such a farce...they already know.  :-)  Just go and learn and thank her profusely for getting better and helping you as well.


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Yes... I'd go.

i've been a toastmaster for 2 years and it's helped me tremedously with presentation/communication skills.

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Thanks for your help posters.  I will go forth in confidence!