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Hi all,

I’ve been trying to find an effective way to use “category” in Outlook for managing my calendar. Really, in this context I say “managing” to mean that I want to glacé at my calendar and the color-coded (based on category) events to get a sense of how I am using my time and make decisions about if/how I should adjust that.

Currently, I have 6 main categories that I implemented a few weeks ago when I decided to try this, but I’m already not happy with it. The categories are:

  • “syncs” for recurring meetings with partners/customers/management
  • ”leadership” for O3s and following/prepare time (I’m starting O3s in Jan 2019)
  • “mission” for meetings focused on tactical aspects of the projects I manage
  • ”admin” for recurring tasks like operational highlights, auditing, etc (I don’t intend a negative connotation of “admin”)
  • ”training” for classes and conferences
  • ”personal” for luncheons, gym time, morale events, etc

Not only are these categories very broad, but more importantly, they tell me very little about the “so what” of spending time that way, so I’m don’t think it will serve its purpose of helping me evaluate my time spent.

I’m toying with the idea of using categories that represent my goals (once I can define what those are... another question I plan to address soon). I’ll keep some of my current categories too probably.

Before I implemented a different categorization strategy, I was curious about how/if others are doing this.

I’d love any feedback or questions you may have!