I love one of the last sentences of this podcast:
< < How do you balance work and family?? You don't balance it, you go home! There is no 'more': it's just using your time more effectively. > >



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PierG, I couldn't agree more! That is probably the single greatest one-line quote about time management, ever! I have always felt that, as a manager, my work was never "done" and that the moment is was "done" was the moment I was not longer valuable to my company or I have succesfully worked myself out a job.

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Thanks guys! It took me a while to figure it out, but it's worked so many times now with clients it's a joy to see every time.


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Actually, the statement I found most impactful was that "you don't make time". That's a real big paradigm shift for many folks, including myself. We get so wrapped up in whatever we're doing that we forget that time is a limited resource.

I found this segment so powerful that I have my directs running through the process as well. The attempt to capture what they had done over the last three weeks was pretty humorous. The expected quotes like "I can't remember what I did yesterday" and "But I always have my PDA with me to remind me of what I need to do" provided some entertainment.

The next phase has actually raised more concern for me than step 1. When discussing the fact that I wanted my directs to write down their priorities, one actually said to me "I look for the company to set my priorities through the goals you give me". Even more frightening was that a few others on the team agreed. I might expect this type of thinking from entry level or clerical support, but these are manager level "professional status" talent. We pay these folks too much to be on that level of thinking.

It's going to be a challenge to move their thought process toward focusing on how they do things vs. constantly talking about stats, but I guess that's what I'm paid to accomplish as their director.

Gentlemen - I'm not sure you know what you have unleashed with this series. But keep doing what you're doing!

Kevin Williams
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As always, thanks for the kind words.

GREAT POST! Thanks for sharing the impact of the cast on you AND your directs. What you're describing is SURPRISINGLY common... people are pretty passive about their own direction within their boss's framework.

We're getting the sense that we've unleashed something good!