Hi all,

I'm wondering if you could provide me feedback on my email below.

I'm working on a new product development to tackle market inefficiencies in the commercial real estate sector. To do this, it would be highly beneficial to interview several players in the market for their thoughts and comments. The problem is that, of the organizations I have selected (somewhat randomly) I don't have any direct (or second degree) contacts, so this would be a cold email.

Also, what are your thoughts on my contacting them through linkedIn vs trying to find their work email?


email below

Subject: Startup seeking your thoughts on commercial real estate pain points.


Dear John
My name is Joe, I'm an economist working at startup here in Boston looking to develop a product aimed to mitigate real estate investment risk, obtain higher capital returns, and improve market efficiency in the commercial real estate market.

I'm reaching out to you to hear your perspectives on what your biggest pain points are given your role and business. I believe that, as a market analyst for a commercial real estate development firm, you are in a unique position to have a bird's eye view of the market and be able to some provide valuable insight.

Would you have 20 minutes next week to talk? It looks like I am available Monday afternoon at 1 or 2 pm. Alternatively, I have Tuesday morning open. Do any of these times work for you?

You can best reach me by linkedIn, email at [email protected] or phone at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Respectfully, you may not get answers as people may think you are trying to sell them something. I get 3 or 4 requests per week to sell me something, get on my calendar, etc.  

I would go with a more informal approach to connect and then build a relationship slowly. 

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Agreed! There is practically zero change with cold calls, and less than zero with cold Emails!

Even if you did manage t get a respone it's likely fom someone who you wouldn't want the response from anyway.




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If you're still looking for input, here's an example of another podcast that came to mind (while note MT, it's still a good cast). This podcast talks about learning peoples pain-points (and specifically mentions the real estate industry - although I think it focuses more on residential rather than commercial) through cold emails. This is a couple years old now, so I recognize that email as a whole has changed a little bit, but hopefully it's still helpful. 

Good luck!