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* BLUF - Do you all think about this Podcast ? Should (or will) manager relationships be less important in the future ?

I do _not_ promote or support sexism in the workplace.

And it seems like the person that was interviewed here was advocating the idea of diminishing the role of the

Direct Report <-> Manager relationship.

Did you get that impression as well ?

This report seems to certainly support the idea that the relationship with a  manager is very important and key to success.
But, it also seems to support that the male-to-male relationship is more successful.

BTW - Smoking habits also seem to be very important in this study.

Manager Tools always supports the idea of working with reality - (They like to say that they don't produce "Fantasy - Tools")

It seems to me that the solution is to help more women have better relationships with their managers, rather than to diminish the importance of relationships in general.

* In the Conclusion, they do support the idea that when there is more physical distance between employee and Manager that the male-to-male advantage seems to disappear.

--- And yet we know that Managers are often terrible at distance management.
The relationship can’t be as strong.

* Is there a healthy balance we are looking for ?

* What do you think ?

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