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 Just thought I would post some feedback for others that are just starting their career in management. 

I've been in management for 10 years and following the methodology here for a couple of years and while I may not be doing everything exactly the way Mark lays it out, I do use it as a foundation for my discipline. 

Well last year one of my admins moved on to another company that could provide more responsibility and challenges, basically, a larger company. I've been maintaining a contact with him other the months and we've had some great conversations around our work discipline and life in general. 

I come into work this morning and this is posted on my IM window:

"I really miss you as a manager....."

That made me feel really good and helped me realize the importance of our chosen line of work. We are here for our company and our employees.

If any of you have stories like this, please share. 

Thanks again Manager-Tools It is services like yours that help me to be a better person and manager while serving the people around me.

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After one particularly cumbersome run-around with someone in our HR group, I had to send an email to the HR person at the company I prevoiusly worked at.  All I said was that I hoped she knew how incredible she was.  I got a phone call back say I made her day!  That made my day!