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In the vane of a proper Manager Tools handshake having 10 steps - Is there a proper way to open the door for someone?

The number of people who hold the door open for me has increased with each promotion (no surprise, I know.) I try to not sit at the head of a table and I try to hold the door open for others as well. I am curious if I should stop motioning for someone else to go through the door first when they are holding the door for me. I accept the offer if I am in a hurry. I'm a High D so I accept the open door often, but make sure to say thank you with eye contact. That does not seem to be the most effective criteria for determining if I should accept the polite offer of an open door.

Should I simply accept the open door offered to me? It is a friendly, polite gesture and accepting such a gesture is positive. I should probably offer it just as often and I believe I do.

What elements exist in the proper offer of an open door?

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Nothing worse than holding a door for anybody if they don't say thank you. No, eye contact dosent work. I usually will hold the door for most people but always those older than me or women of any age but do get miffed if they dont have the courtesey to say thank you. I try to keep saying 'Thank you' on their behalf in my head.