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I'm working on my self-appraisal for work and caught myself writing "we did X" when trying to represent my team's accomplishments. I realized that this is foolish. I'm being asked to evaluate what "I" did. Not what "we" did. I redid the "goal performance" section to describe things I did that influecned my department's success.

  • I set goals.
  • I provided feedback.
  • I coached.
  • I found relevant training.
  • I identified areas for process improvement.
  • I reviewed work for quality.
  • I made a communications plan. 
  • I negotiated timelines with other groups.
  • I assigned responsibilities and set / communicated priorities.

​​I think this is a much better way of representing my self-appraisal because it gives the most accurate picture of what I did, not what the department did. Food for thought if you're finding yourself writing "we did X".