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BLUF: should you use the delegation model every time you assign a project to someone on the team?

I have been implementing the MT Trinity for a while now - do great with O3s, improving with feedback, and doing well with coaching. I'm struggling with delegation. 

I have a team of 10. Most times, business partners come to me with requests and I assign it to my team. I try to keep them on similar projects for consistency, but  workload means at times people have to take on projects that normally would go to someone else.

These tasks are part of their job description and primary role - I'm not asking them to take on stretch assignments. Would you still use the delegation model? Or does that fall into a regular assignment and doesn't need to follow all the steps.


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In the MT world, assigning work tasks is "business as usual" - things that are already in that person's job description, that they know how to do and do regularly.  Delegation typically refers to growth areas for your direct, which are either new areas for them, or are areas of YOUR job that you're training them to help with.   One related podcast that you may not have heard yet is "The Juggling Koan" - hugely helpful.

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Hello Brian,

 Implement delegation model, this is very helpful, Due to delegation model allocated person is responsible for the given task. Merely assigning the task will not work, another person should responsible for the completion of task within predefined period and standards.
Thanks in advanced.