Before I stumbled across MT, I considered myself an above average manger. I got promoted to VP of Technical Development, my folks were empowered, challenged, mostly happy, and did good work. Clearly I must be a good manager! So I focused my education and growth towards keeping up with the never ending wave of Enterprise Architecture strategies and all of the other riveting IT topics.

Alas, with my new IPod in hand and new puppy in tow (Golden-Doodle, yes I am trendy, but more on pets below), off I go on one of many a morning walk and start listening to MT. Jump ahead four weeks and now I feel like Sergeant Schultz… “I know nothing!”

I am blown away.

It is way too early for me to give success stories, but my goals for the next 12 months are all about significantly improving my managerial effectiveness. If I am not farther along in a year, I may wish I had taken the Blue Pill. (Google ‘Matrix Red Pill’ if this analogy is gibberish) But this I can say with certainly, regardless of my ability to affect significant change in my behaviors and those of my team, my perception of the bar of managerial excellence has forever been exponentially raised. For this Mark and Mike, you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation! I believe you generous efforts will have a tremendous impact on the business community for years to come. I look forward to evangelizing MTs to many, many individuals.

I live in sunny FL with my wife (I married way up), our 2 great daughters, our 3 dogs and 6 cats. Yes, it’s a zoo. My wife is a Veterinarian, so hence the 8 pets she brought home, to my one. Anyone feel free to PM or e-mail me with questions, comments, or anything, especially in the area of managing software developers. I love to talk about IT, management and a few other things like the Gators, poker, and Scotch.


Mike Hansen

Ps. My DISC is 7 5 4 1 (Results Oriented)

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Welcome aboard, Mike!

We all love Gatorade at my house.

Glad you're with us, and glad you have new goals to shoot for.


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As someone who considers Gainesville home, let me say welcome and best of luck in your goals! I think you'll find that if your managerial bar has moved up exponentially, your results will, too.

As a fellow zoo owner...congratulations on a warm and loving home (we have an 8 yr old aussie shepherd mix, a 13 month old GSD, one black tuxedo cat, and 10 - yes we're up to 10 now - rats).

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Hello Mike,

Welcome to you. I also decided to listen to MT on my Ipod in the mornings, while walking.
Up to now, it seems to give me a better background for my running and managerial performances ! :lol:


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Thanks for the kind words.

Julia - Your rats have our cats outnumbered! I guess a family mixer would be a bad idea :)

Take care,