BLUF: Is it appropriate to send a thank you note to your boss?

I want to thank my boss for his recent support. I afraid a written thank you note will sound like brown-nosing. I am interested on the community's thoughts.

As a side note, I wonder what the community thinks of writing one to you directs.




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For the notes to your directs, I can't think of anything more effective in showing your sincere appreciation than hand-written notes that express the (positive) truth about their performance.  The intent with your boss should probably be a little different, but as long as you stick to the facts, (rather than some gushing fountain of generalities) I can't imagine it could come off as brown-nosing to anyone who matters.


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 I agree, I think if you write it sincerely and are specific (or if it is so obvious your boss will know why you are saying thank you, even if you just say Thank You) it will not come across as brown nosing.  I cannot speak for your boss, but if I were your boss I would love receiving it.  It would put a smile on my face that what I had done had mattered and the direct had recognized the effort.