Is it appropriate for thank you notes I send to clients to carry my company's logo? If so, should the logo be on the front or inside?

I recently left the management ranks to take a particularly attractive position in direct sales with a leading software company. I have found Manager Tools to be highly effective in making me a better contributor.

For instance, I am applying a lot of the management communication techniques to communications with clients. Building strong relationships with clients is a key to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers generate referrals. Referrals are more vaulable than leads I generate through other means.

Keep up the great work guys! Thanks for the show.



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Yes. It's fine to have your logo on a thank you card. There are different styles, but inside or outside is fine.

Glad you're getting value from our work. We've long felt that there are borader applications for our work... glad you're applying it in a way that works for you.