Hi folks,

I am in Australia and I may have the opportunity to interview for a remote role for a company where everyone is remote internationally. 

Should I send out a thank you note in such a situation as it will be travelling to various countries. I don't have an issue with the note just the timing of howl long it would take to get to England or the US to the different potential interviewers.

Any ideas?



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Here's what I would do. I would send the handwritten note through regular (in the US first class) mail. I'm not current on MT's recomendations when time is a factor in an interview process, but I might consider calling each interviewer and at least leaving a voice mail thank you or sending a prompt email thank you. (Obviously, I defer to whatever they recommend.)

Bottom line at the bottom: Always send the handwritten note. It's the right thing to do and it's an important step in building relationships.It may very well be what differentiates you from your competition.