Hi Guys,

Thank you. Your podcasts are the most valuable tool around! 

Free effective advise; is there a better value? NO!

I found M-T when I finally transitioned to the iPhone from my other service two months ago. I have listened to every cast I can every moment I can. My wife even listens with me on the weekends. 

Your guidance has given me more confidence in what I am doing that is effective. The key point though, (yes only ONE point! :)  ) is that I understand the my behaviors that are Galactically Stupid! 

When I was an individual contributer, I had an objective, hit the targets and nailed it. Easy. The minute I had folks to lead, it was like they couldn't get out of their own way. They didn't know how to think for them selves. They would constantly chase me to fix their problems. I did. I pulled out the gun and kept shooting myself in the foot. I did figure that one out fairly quick. Still I kept missing the "relationships" clause though. 

I always assumed that relationship building was too far away from me (Yea, I'm a High D/ High C. Goal, task, get it done, I don't need to talk with you. I'm busy!). This piece of the puzzle has eluded me for a long time. I actually knew it, but  never saw it applying to me. I would have conversations with friends and say "the big guy's work is all politics." "That's their job; it's a social game."

I now know it's neither a game nor too far from me. Shutting my mouth and opening my ears has had the most profound effect on my business. I should have listened to my own advice to my kids! The more I learn, the more I try, the better it all gets. That virtuous cycle... the self licking ice cream cone!

Mike, Mark...

Thanks Guys!