I am relocating to RTP, North Carolina and will eventually be working out of a home office. However, I need a temporary office solution for a period before I close on my house.

Has anyone had any experiences leasing office space for one? Whether it was in North Carolina or otherwise, i would be interested in hearing of your experiences and in what you paid. Here in Atlanta they have some full service office setups where you can lease a cube, but I am not sure how widespread that type of thing is.


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I only know of one around the RTP, I am sure there are more, this one is 1st class and probably big bucks, all depends on the image I guess.

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Emperor office park General Manager: [email protected] Very close to airport, right off I-40, hotels next door. Preferred by travelers - close to hotel.

Meridian office park General Manager: [email protected] Nicer office space in planned office park, about 2 minutes off I-40. Preferred by folks who used space everyday.

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