I have a supervisor that I would like to promote him as a manager. His leadership skills and accomplishments really warrant a promotion. He is the hardest worker in the division.

I have including him in every aspect of what a manager would do; reviews, one on ones, strategic planning, budgeting, reporting, delegation and building relationships. 

I pre-wired my vp and she said, "make a formal recommendation to her and her boss". Does anyone have a template or format they use?

I believe I have advertised his achievements and he is well respected within the firm. I want to highlight his achievements, leadership skills, and my recommendations. At the same time, I don't want to over promote his abilities. 

I have not been a director long enough to experience promoting an employee so I don't have experience to draw from. 


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What would you want one of your directs to put in such a letter?  What would be convincing for you?  Does this person already perform 50% of the work of his Manager?  What skills are needed in the new, Manager position which he has already mastered?  What does his Manager think of him as a peer?  The list goes on and on.

You asked for a template or format... Google has almost half a billion hits for "sample promotion recommendation."

  Good luck,

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 Thanks for your feedback Michael. These are real helpful recommendations.