I want to review the podcast about replying to the "tell me about yourself" question in an interview. I remember hearing it at least a couple of years ago, but I'm having trouble finding it in the archive, here.

does anyone have it's location to share with me?


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Hi Chuck,

it's part of the Interview Series. You can find the link to all the casts in the series here:


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Thanks Wendii.

I thought I'd also heard that guidance in a regular 'cast, and that's what I was looking for. Perhaps I just remember them referring to it in passing during one of the other casts. 


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Hi MT/ Wendii - I just went through the show notes for the "Tell Me About Yourself" cast. Very helpful!  Thank you.

I'm wondering if your guidance would be any different for answering this question via a job application, rather than in an interview.  Do you recommend varying the length or content when answering this question in writing?