I have often heard you mention in your podcasts something like "managers take their learnings from their personal lives and try to apply those learnings to their professional, managerial roles."

I think this is an important statement since I have done the same thing over the years. There really isn't much out there in the way of "management" education at college such as how to coach your directs, give feedback, etc. It's mostly theory.

If you have any further insights into this or additional comments, I'd be grateful. I think this is why "management" could have a better rap.



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I'd love to hear/read more on that too, as a newbie to the role. Ironically, I'm doing it backwards these days - taking all these new insights from management training (MT in particular) and applying them to other areas of my life. Holy Synergy, Batman!

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I'm not M&M, but I can quote them: "It's all about people."

I think that's why you can learn something personally and use it in your professional life, or vice versa.

I believe the sum of what I know is who I am. I use what I learn everywhere I go. I can't leave parts of me at different places. Sure, I can modify my behavior to fit the occasion, but it doesn't change who I am or what I know. I just get to do better modifications. :)