Hello everyone! First time poster. Been a listener of MT for about 6 months now.

I was recently hired by a company that put me through a 4 month long company wide training period. At the end of the training period I was assigned to take over one of the tech based departments of the company. I have 6 direct reports, one of which is the former lead of the department.

There is no obvious outward animosity from the former lead and/or team being directed toward me.

I am starting my 4th week in this capacity. I feel I have made a strong impression with each of them. I started one on ones at set times from day 1 and kept those going now into week 4. I also implemented a team thinktank style meeting each week, again at a set time.

I have not started doing any feedback... Yet. I plan on starting. I know Mark is probably squirming in his seat by now. I am going to start bringing a poker chip to work.

I am learning my dept actively. Identifiying areas that need improvement. I am not looking to make any changes until I fully understand the entire workings of the dept (no I'm not a high C! Just being realistically cautious)

The former lead that is still a member of the team is helping me to transition into my roll. He has been very compliant. But he is an extreme reserved personality and I have to be very much on top of him for him to explain processes, etc.

Has anyone had a situation similar to this?