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I'm currently cramming as many podcasts as I can for the upcoming ECC in Sydney. Unfortunately I missed out on a place at the EMC, but still thankful that I can make it to one of the conferences.

I'm coming over from Perth - any chance anyone else is going to be there from Perth?

Funnily enough, although I thought I REALLY NEEDED the Effective Manager Conference more than the ECC, as I've been revisiting the DISC podcasts (it's been a couple of years - I fell off the wagon early on) I'm stunned at what I'm only just now realising. And how much difference it could potentially make to my managing woes.

Although my newly implemented one-on-ones are working an absolute treat, 2 things have come to light -

The reason the other managers I'm trying to work with (who also happen to be family members) drive me so crazy is that from the sounds of things so far, they lean well towards the opposite of me on the DISC model. And they don't work together well, because they seem to be the opposite of each other too! From the my understanding so far, they seem to be High D/I and High S/I.

And what do i suspect i am? As I sit here with a mountain of unfinished work but insisting on planning out a schedule on what I'm going to do, and how I'm going to do it, and what additional information I need to complete it perfectly........ Sounds like I'm a high C to me. Honestly, I sat here and smacked my hand against my forehead when Mike and Mark described the very thing I was doing at the time as they made fun of a high C's tendencies! Although it's surprisingly comforting to know I'm not quite so unique when it comes to my personality when i sit here frustrated at my ineffectiveness. At least I have the data now to learn how to change it. :o) Of course I'm chafing at the bit to get the real low down from Mark and Mike at the conference. After all, I'll be happy to be proved wrong if it means I have the correct analysis.


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You're on the right track. The difference between you and your co-workers' behavioral styles definitely will contribute to frustrations. The first step is to realize this and then understand how you can adjust your behavior and expectations in order to minimize the negative impact. 

Musch more will become evident at the conference. 

Im not from Perth but look forward to meeting you at the ECC!

-- Peter

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Hi Shell76

I was listening to the Improve your Feedback podcast this morning and also had some sort of revelation when they said that we can choose how to behave by thinking about it first. I've heard this podcast before but I tended to think I was stuck in my DISC profile that I did 2 years ago. I couldn't believe how it had shifted when I did it this time around but I realised that some of the things I've been working over the last 2 years are making a difference.

I'll be going to the conference from Melbourne. See you there.